April 24, 2005: We've come a long way since SEDA core, aka Sandstorm, released (July 12, 2002). Thanks to the boundless energy of the SEDA community, the JCyclone release is finally ready. Here are just some of the more noteworthy things available in the JCyclone release.
  • More scalable and performant queue implementations (DynamicArrayBlockingQueue and LinkedBlockingQueue).
  • Support for bulk enqueue and dequeue operations based on list instead of array.
  • Support blocking enqueue operations, so events cannot be lost anymore.
  • Support relative path name in the configuration file.
  • Stages are now properly lifecycled.
  • New Transactional Queue API. This API is more easy to use and protects againts dandling prepare (memory leak).
  • New IProfilerHandler api that is used to receives values from the IProfiler and exports them.
  • Load shedding code is now separated from the real queue code.
  • New Signaling API.
  • Synchronization overhead has been reduced.
  • New UI Profiler.
  • Support Object type in ISystemConfig and IConfigData.
April 7, 2005: Web site inauguration Logo