File downloads are hosted by Click here for the JCyclone SourceForge Page. You may either download the JCyclone software as a set of pre-packaged "official" releases or use anonymous CVS to access the "live" tree. The CVS tree will be updated more frequently than the "official" releases, which are meant to represent stable, tested versions of the software. The CVS tree is the "live code" that is under constant development.

See the file README in each release for information on usage. All of the JCyclone code is covered under an open-source license.

Official releases

All files are available from this SourceForge page.

Package Latest version Download
JCyclone Core release

May 21, 2005
JCyclone asynchronous socket library May 21, 2005
JCyclone HTTP library May 21, 2005
JCyclone asynchronous SSL/TLS library N/A Not released yet Logo